Confessions: Repentance

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Christians confess their sins to God to practice humility before him and to fess up to the bad things they have done. It takes a humble person to admit their mistakes! Humility is a vital part of confession and aids the restoration of Christians who have quenched the Spirit of God. Selah Psalm Kevin Halloran is a blogger and coffee aficionado. Follow Kevin on Twitter or visit his blog.

At Your Feet (A Prayer of Repentance)

Sin is a power that resides in the human heart against which we You need to find out what they are. When are you tempted? Is there Here are 5 key passages from recent Christian content around the web, including one on fighting covetousness and another on resisting temptation. Three Biblical Encouragements to Fight Covetousness Jason Helopoulos, Servants of Grace Dear Christian, look to Christ, live in contentment, and rejoice in thanksgiving, and send covetousness scurrying from Who is there like you, God of mercy and grace who loves us as you do?

Who knows and understands our actions as you do? Who hears the thoughts and words of our heart as you do? Who knows our joys and sorrows and shares them as you do?

Confession ≠ Repentance

Who feels the pain we endure and comforts us as you do? Who hears as we confess our sins and forgives as you do? Who takes a broken heart and makes it whole as you do? Bring to my sinfulness the cleansing waters of your forgiveness, that having washed, I might know refreshment and release. Forgive me those times when I consider myself to be of little value. Remind me constantly that you died for me before I even knew you. I want to move forward with you, Lord, but I am held back by burdens I carry, afraid to let go, lessen the load, let myself become vulnerable to be loved and in turn love, to receive and in turn give.

I want to move forward with you, Lord, but my ways are often not your ways. Open my heart to forgiveness, and let it touch the hearts of others, that all might be blessed and in turn become a blessing. For those whose hearts are troubled, or spirits crushed by sin or circumstance, Good Lord, deliver them. Bring healing and wholeness of mind, body and spirit, and freedom, to be the person they were always meant to be. Remind me when my life falls apart, that you are an expert in the art of restoration. Forgive me for the things I have done and not done.

Why should you confess your sins?

Forgive me for the things I have said and not said. Forgive me for the life I have lived and not lived. That I might reflect the image of the one I profess to follow, in thought, word and deed, and in discovering my true self draw others into that light. You call us to follow and our footsteps falter, reach out your hand and we treat you as stranger, whisper our name and we simply ignore you. Gracious God, slow to anger, swift to bless, forgive us, restore us. Grant us hearts that stand firm, a faith that is strong and a hope that endures.

You are the everything we desire, the everything we do not deserve. You are the love we have yet to find, the peace beyond imagining.

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You are the breath of life enlivening the hardest heart. You are the vibrant colour illuminating the darkest dawn. You are the truth that calls in quiet whisper and through storm. You are the precious moment we reach out and touch the divine. For those days when we forget, forgive us. When life distracts and focus shifts forgive us. When self imposes its own will forgive us. When our praise and worship fail to please forgive us. Embrace us once again, we pray in sweet and loving fellowship with you. By your Grace we are forgiven, in your peace our lives are lived.

By your touch we know healing, in your strength are we made whole. When this is forgotten, our focus on self, your face obscured, forgive and restore. Take our mustard seed of faith and let it grow, take root and blossom in our hearts and lives. Through our Saviour Jesus Christ and in no other name do we ask this. God of Grace forgive our ingratitude for the blessings we have received. Help us live the lives we proclaim.

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God of Peace forgive our impatience with the actions of our neighbour. God of love forgive our intolerance toward those of other faiths or none. God of mercy forgive our reluctance to offer a word of forgiveness. God of hope accept our repentance as a sweet-smelling offering along with the service of our lives. Let us be still before the Lord Rest quietly in his presence Listen Pause Let us bring before the Lord the words that may have hurt and all those left unsaid; the anger we have felt and resentment we have fed. Draw near to him rest quietly in his presence Listen. When faith is tested to the limit, and we stumble, forgive us.

When feet stray from the path, and we wander, forgive us. When our neighbour is in need, and we pass by, forgive us. When the voices of this world, drown out your whisper, forgive us. When love draws us to your feet, in repentance, forgive us. When we have failed to recognise your love in the actions of friend or stranger, forgive us. When we have failed to recognise your presence in the world in which we live, forgive us.

When we have failed to remember your gospel in our actions, thoughts and words, forgive us. Take our lives and use them, as a sacrifice of love. Forgive us, Lord when we are struggling with life, searching for answers in vain, relying on our own strength and failing again. Remind us, Lord that you are the strength upon whom we can call, the power to endure, the answer that we seek, the one in whose arms we can safely fall. Forgive us, Lord when we forget. Forgive our sin. Help us hear your voice above the clamour of this world, recognise the difference, and follow only you.

We pray for confidence to share your Word with others and for the opportunity to proclaim it. So how do we grow in a joy-giving habit of repentance? Here are eight steps.

Confession and Repentance

Define the sin. The first step to meaningful confession is understanding what sin is. Each term has been deliberately chosen for its unique meaning. David also says his sin is deep—there is no minimizing or excusing it. Avoid defensiveness and see God rightly. He committed adultery, orchestrated a murder, and tried to cover it all up.

How can that be?

Confessions: Repentance Confessions: Repentance
Confessions: Repentance Confessions: Repentance
Confessions: Repentance Confessions: Repentance
Confessions: Repentance Confessions: Repentance
Confessions: Repentance Confessions: Repentance

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