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Even if we ate a few, nevertheless our pleasure lay in doing what was not allowed. When surrounded by sinners, man is easily manipulated and in turn, mimics their actions. Augustine associates social interaction with dangerous sinful "Certainly no one laughs when alone; yet sometimes laughter overcomes individuals when no one else is present if their senses or their mind perceive something utterly absurd.

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Augustine sees that in the company of others' bodies, only sinful acts can result, whereas Ovid associates relationships between bodies to yield pleasure and ecstasy. Men and women, when engaged in a relationship, should work together following the "rules" of love to pleasure each other. Instead of one person being exploited by a group, as Augustine believes, Men and women should work simultaneously, seducing each other with flowery language and stunning superficial appearances.

Both Augustine and Ovid discuss ways in which the body can be used unbecomingly. Both examine wine, consumed during social activity. Their views on drinking's appropriateness varies greatly.

As with groups, Augustine believes that wine is sinful since it dilutes morality and rational thought. Wine is representative of immoral thoughts, rash decisions, and hedonistic pleasures. Sex, a result of physical attraction, leads to sin and hinders contemplation of God and his power. One must put aside drunkenness and wantonness in order to accept Christ. Drinking encourages frivolous activity.

Ovid, on the other hand, believes that wine can be used to one's advantage to lure a member of the opposite sex. Women, while under the influence of alcohol, are more lively and attractive to men. The wine makes them less inhibited sexually and, therefore they restrain their emotions much less. Augustine and Ovid both refer to the body, yet Augustine is vague and Ovid presents more specific references to the body. Ovid chooses to discuss the body not on a spiritual level, but rather on a physical earthly one.

While Ovid makes allusions to specifics of the body, such as hair and body types, Augustine discusses the body in a much simpler, figurative manner.

The Dangerous - No Games

Augustine, on the other hand, discusses the body as an entity or a carrying case for ultimately reaching true beauty and understanding God. Both Augustine and Ovid talk about the body as a means to a desired ends. For Ovid, the prize is mundane and secular: sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex.

And for Augustine, the reward is reaching a state of mind of purity and understanding and being accepted under and by God's love.

Satisfying interactions

To understand men differing goals, both examine the ability to "see" literally and figuratively. For Augustine, it is the five senses of the body that allow for man to recognize and to appreciate God's awesome abilities and creations. Augustine classifies love and beauty, as the love and beauty of God. When Augustine steals fruit from the pear tree, he is lured by the fruit's appearance.

Ovid, on the other hand, defines beauty as a well-manicured appearance and an attractive body. The superficiality of makeup, clothing and hair-dos, concoct Ovid's idea of attractiveness and when well groomed, the opposite sex is more attainable. Both also criticize the body for extremely different reasons. While Ovid critiques men and women's style of dress, hairdo's and hygiene, Augustine scrutinizes the body on a much more symbolic level, examining how the body relates to God and morality. When the body touches such things, much significance attaches to the rapport of the object with the touch.

It is in him that the just person takes delight; he is the joy of those things which are at the bottom end of the scale of good, we abandon the higher and supreme goods, that is you, Lord God, and your truth and your law. Augustine is not concerned with the superficial beauty of physical objects, but rather with the meaning behind the objects. Augustine believes God is all around, in everything, for he is the creator of man and his environment. And it is God's ability and magnificence to produce for mankind that occupies Augustine's thoughts. The five senses are used here by Augustine not to simply admire a beautiful object, but to glorify God's creations.

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I may have a few relationship problems, but adding a drunk to my life is not ever going to be one of them. Loyalty, schmoilty. I chose me. Karen, Oddly enough something similar happened with someone I dated a few months ago. Then one night he phoned under the influence and said some spiteful things. Later claimed to be unable to remember.

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UPDATE…my improved self esteem has made it a lot easier to accept what happened and not ruminate about it very much. But it is getting better. The drinker was actually very kind and treated me with consideration and respect…when she was sober. When she was drunk she was a bit much, like insisting on talking wacko politics and religion when I begged her to change the subject.

Dangerous Games

The only good thing was I could ask her questions that were ordinarily too snoopy. I figured if she was gonna get drunk on me I may as well poke around a little. Dealing with drunks can get very old very quickly. On time again! I broke contact almost a year ago lots of personal issues for them and I moved away and they were heavy on my mind.

No additional is needed. Stay strong BR family!!!

Very wise Rachael, thank you for this. Exactly where I have found myself on a number of occasions. This post was timely for me, like so many of them — spooky. I am proud of myself for finally realising how hopelessly misplaced my loyalties were and for getting out of that relationship before I died inside or even took my own life entirely. So accurate, so brilliantly put, so kind yet so firm. And as ever, I am so so grateful for her wisdom and her generosity. She is changing me. Maybe try self compassion… we all make mistakes and you are doing your best. I pootle along taking each day at a time, floating along with the switching perspectives, trying to be kind to myself when I slip back into the old ways.

It has made me examine my relationships and loyalties to my parents, brother and sister, friends, my work, my boss etc etc, and I realise how old ways of thinking and self-blaming, misplaced loyalties etc, have kept me boxed in for years in unhealthy situations. At least I only sometimes cry at night when I re-live old experiences although some are still a bit recent.


Stolen Child

This post on loyalty certainly has made me examine all my relationships which have caused me problems for a long time — with my family, certain friends, work, my boss etc. I did post this just now but I think it vanished into the ether because I forgot to put my name in the field, so this is a re-write as well as I could remember it. Of course, when you do, the emotions follow. I agree that practice will help, but your growing awareness is helpful, in my opinion.

Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty
Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty
Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty
Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty
Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty
Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty

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