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But if you also have symptoms like dizziness and nausea, it could be a sign that your blood pressure is too low for good health. A cuff linked to a special device tightens around your arm to get two measurements. The top number, or "systolic," notes the pressure your blood makes against your artery walls when the heart beats.

Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)

The bottom number, or "diastolic," measures the pressure between beats, while the heart is relaxing and filling with blood. You can get readings in your doctor's office or at home. Your brain usually shows the first symptoms of hypotension. Besides dizziness and nausea, your spirits might be low, you might lack energy, and find it hard to think straight. Some people feel lightheaded enough to faint or notice cold, clammy skin, faster breathing, blurry vision, or chest pain. If your low pressure is caused by dehydration, you also might feel unusually thirsty.

Sometimes your blood vessels widen. That means there's more space for blood to spread out, which puts less pressure on the walls of those vessels. Some drugs, especially a type called vasodilators, can cause this. So can spinal injuries that damage certain nerves, serious bacterial infections, and allergic reactions. Hormone problems like Addison's disease, which weakens the adrenal glands, can also do it. Less blood means less pressure on your veins and arteries.

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  • Demosthenis Orationes III: 3 (Oxford Classical Texts).

An injury might cause you to bleed -- either outside your body where you can see it, or inside. It might also happen if you don't get enough to drink, your blood vessels leak fluid, or you have a blood condition called anemia.

What the community thinks of Low Variables

Sometimes your kidneys get rid of too much fluid because of illness or certain drugs, like diuretics. The more blood your heart pumps per minute, the higher your blood pressure. Certain medications, along with hormone problems, heart damage, or misfiring electrical signals, can make your heart beat too slowly, which lowers that pressure. Or it could be that your heart is not as strong as it used to be because of a heart attack, heart failure, or problems with the valves, and so doesn't pump as much blood per beat.

Low drugs.

Low Testosterone: 12 Signs in Men

An action that is considered bad morally, unfair or dirty. Shows disapproval of the action by the speaker. Dude you dumped Bob on his birthday for his best friend? That's pretty low You kicked him in his broken leg? That's low Varient of allow Means "no" but is a stronger phrase than "no".

Dillon Francis, DJ Snake - Get Low (Video)

It is usually used as a sign of resentment. A: Nah 'low dat , that girl might be there! Lows name.

Abreviation For Lowkey. Lows She Be choosin. The following month, the band posted an update [9] to the news on their website: "We have all had to work through some personal things recently After sorting it out, the good news is that Zak is remaining in the band Following a successful tour in early that vividly demonstrated the band's commitment to their fans Parker was visibly pregnant throughout , the band signaled their intent to continue making music by signing with powerhouse indie label Sub Pop. To tie up the loose ends of the era, Low released a three-disc rarities compilation on its own Chairkickers label in Beginning with Secret Name , the band have diversified their sound.

The band use subtle electronic music touches to augment their sound, reflective of their tenure with Kranky and their exposure to the Midwest's post-rock scene.

Adding a more overt rock element to their aesthetic, the band has used fuzz bass from Things We Lost In the Fire onward, and began using distorted lead guitar on Trust. The band's album, The Great Destroyer , nods even further in the direction of rock. Recorded with producer Dave Fridmann and released by Sub Pop in January , The Great Destroyer has received mostly positive reviews; the Village Voice described the record's "comparatively thunderous verve.

How to cut calories

Low canceled the second leg of their extensive tour in support of The Great Destroyer in late spring of Sparhawk's statement, published on the band's website, addressed directly to fans, detailing his personal problems with depression resulting in the cancellation of the tour. In October , Sally announced he was leaving the band. Low replaced Sally with Matt Livingston, a bassist and saxophonist from Duluth's musical scene. In addition to playing bass guitar, Livingston also played an antique Navy chaplain's pump organ in the group.

After appearing on 's Drums and Guns and touring with the group, Matt Livingston left Low in , to be replaced by Steve Garrington. Low are known for their impressive live performances. Rock club audiences sometimes watch the band while seated on the floor. During their early career, the band often faced unsympathetic and inattentive audiences in bars and clubs, to which they responded by bucking rock protocol and turning their volume down. The huge dynamic range of Low's early music made it susceptible to background noise and chatter, since many of their songs were very quiet.


What is low?

A performance in at the South by Southwest festival was overpowered when a Scandinavian hardcore band was booked downstairs. The Trust album marked a turning point, and Low's music has developed a more emphatic sound. Their shows often feature drastically reinterpreted cover versions of famous songs by Joy Division and The Smiths , in addition to their own original material. In performance, Low shows off a sense of humor not necessarily found on their recordings; a tour in early featured a cover of OutKast 's hit song " Hey Ya!

At the End of the Road festival in Dorset , England, Sparhawk abruptly ended the band's performance by ripping the strings and lead out of his guitar, throwing it to the ground and then hurling it into the crowd before exiting the stage. He had earlier informed the audience that it had been a "crappy day".

  1. Low blood pressure (hypotension).
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  3. Air Force 1 Low;
  4. Low's performance at the Rock the Garden concert consisted of a slowed and lengthened version of their drone rock song " Do You Know How to Waltz? Low had performed a more traditional show for The Current at the Fitzgerald earlier in the year. The band's mainstream exposure has been limited: their best-known song is arguably a hymnal version of "The Little Drummer Boy ," which was featured in a Gap television ad that depicted a snowball fight in slow-motion to match the song's glacial tempo.

    A remix of their "Halflight" was featured in the Mothman Prophecies motion picture. The band made their network television debut in by performing the single " California " on an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly. On June 11, , Scott Bateman , a web animator, announced that his video for Low's song Hatchet Optimimi version would be one of the preloads on the new Zune. On March 24, , their song "Point of Disgust" was featured in the popular show Skins in the UK, prompting a rush of download sales from iTunes.

    Another of their songs, "Sunflower," was featured in the following episode episode 9 , and "Breaker" was featured in a later episode.

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