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Rothstein's boss, Roy Stryker, believed that pictures could be a powerful tool to show not only the multitude of problems the nation was facing, but what the government was doing about them. Over the course of seven years, as the agency became part of the Farm Security Administration, Stryker would launch an unprecedented documentary effort, eventually amassing more than , images of America in the s taken by a talented cadre of photographers, including Walker Evans, Russell Lee, Marion Post Walcott, John Vachon, and Dorothea Lange.

Woman standing outside wooden shack with two small children and baby. Tulare County, California.

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The fine dirt lifted by the dust storms and blown by the winds scraped some fields to hardpan and created dunes wherever there were eddies in the wind. Oklahoma Panhandle, A farmer holds out his hand to represent how high the wheat should be in a field. Grant County, North Dakota.

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July Migrant family walking on road, pulling belongings in carts and wagons. Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. June Farmer inspecting soil next to planter pulled by horses in field. Jasper County, Iowa. May Migrant man and four children looking out from tent in migrant camp. Brawley, California. February Women and children socializing outside wooden house. Pie Town, New Mexico. Migrant couple sitting on running board of auto. Berrien County, Michigan. A young boy covers his mouth during a dust storm on farm.

Cimarron County, Oklahoma. April Government sign promoting land terracing to prevent erosion. Taylor, Texas. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sitting in auto, talking to farmer and boy. Mandan, North Dakota. August Florence Thompson and her children in a pea pickers' camp. Nipomo, California. March Woman and child looking through window in house. Oswego, New York. December Migrant woman with five children. Auto in background. On road near Fresno, California.

Migrant boy looking out of back window of auto.


Landscape with large rain clouds looming over farm buildings in the middle of a field. Victoria County, Texas. A group of migrants waiting for relief checks outside of building. Calipatria, California.

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Farmer pouring feed into trough for pigs, windmill and farm buildings in background. Baca County, Colorado. September Two farmers harvesting grain with farm equipment. Costilla County, Colorado. October What choices would you have made? Experience what life was like on the southern Great Plains during the Dust Bowl.

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All rights reserved. Follow us on: Twitter Facebook. Click on the thumbnail images below to view the full photos. Dorothea Lange Woman with small children. Arthur Rothstein Sand Dunes.

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Oklahoma Panhandle. John Vachon A migrant woman and child. A migrant womann and small child. Oskaloosa, Kansas.

Arthur Rothstein A farmer shows how high the wheat should be. North Dakota. Instead, the Jim Crow laws led to discrimination within almost every facet of segregated society, in ways that can still be felt today. Since the Civil Rights Act of , legislators and businesses have used less blatantly racist laws and policies to effectively uphold segregation in America. These include policies like "redlining," a policy that continued into the s in which African-American neighborhoods were singled out to receive fewer loans, worse insurance policies, and less healthcare.

In more recent years, voter ID laws have generated controversy amid reports showing that they discriminate against racial minorities in ways that keep them away from the polls.

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And just a few decades ago, laws like these were far more overt than they are today. The powerful images of segregation above are certainly proof of that. After this look at segregation in America, see some of the most powerful images from the early days of school integration in the s. Then, discover how the Great Depression impacted African-Americans.

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By All That's Interesting. While these photos might seem far removed from our present, the legacy of segregation in America can still be seen today. Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email. African-American children look through the fence at a playground legally forbidden from them. Two men drink from segregated water fountains. Location and date unspecified.

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Elizabeth Eckford ignores the hostile screams and stares of fellow students on her first day of school. September 6, During the Freedom Riders' travels throughout the South to protest segregated busses, one bus was set on fire by an angry mob. Luckily, everyone on the bus was able to escape without injury. Location unspecified. Fifteen-year-old Johnny Gray points a warning finger at one of the two white boys who tried to force him and his sister, Mary, from the sidewalk as they walked to school in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 16, Alabama Governor George Wallace stands at the door of the University of Alabama in protest of integration.

June 11, Warren K. The spring of brought protest against police brutality and discrimination to Birmingham, Alabama. Police chief Bull Connor famously turned fire hoses on protesters, and used attack dogs and his own fists to physically beat unarmed people — including women and children. A nervous young girl sits in the front row. She is the only black girl in her newly integrated class. Benny Oliver, former Jackson, Mississippi policeman, viciously kicks Memphis Norman, an African-American student from nearby Wiggins who had been waiting along with two other students to be served at a segregated lunch counter.

The rumor of possible civil rights actions in the town caused onlookers to cheer the beating. May 28, Wikimedia Commons. A classroom sits nearly empty after white students refuse to attend their newly desegregated school. New York.

Marion (Images of America) Marion (Images of America)
Marion (Images of America) Marion (Images of America)
Marion (Images of America) Marion (Images of America)
Marion (Images of America) Marion (Images of America)
Marion (Images of America) Marion (Images of America)
Marion (Images of America) Marion (Images of America)

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