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If not for Romas, there would be no distant planet, spaceships, or tarantula-like cats! Stumps thirty or forty years old, at least, will still be sound at the core, though the sapwood has all become vegetable mould, as appears by the scales of the thick bark forming a ring level with the earth four or five inches distant from the heart. Many were distant enough to be the size of her fist, while those closer were the size of football stadiums. Lana followed them into the medical facility after a quick look around, not recognizing the flat landscape and distant red rocks surrounding the canyon in which they'd landed.

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What distant and different beings in the various mansions of the universe are contemplating the same one at the same moment! Sometimes one would circle round and round me in the woods a few feet distant as if tethered by a string, when probably I was near its eggs. I could always tell if visitors had called in my absence, either by the bended twigs or grass, or the print of their shoes, and generally of what sex or age or quality they were by some slight trace left, as a flower dropped, or a bunch of grass plucked and thrown away, even as far off as the railroad, half a mile distant , or by the lingering odor of a cigar or pipe.

How far apart, think you, dwell the two most distant inhabitants of yonder star, the breadth of whose disk cannot be appreciated by our instruments? And suddenly, at this thought of death, a whole series of most distant , most intimate, memories rose in his imagination: he remembered his last parting from his father and his wife; he remembered the days when he first loved her.

So they went through their memories, smiling with pleasure: not the sad memories of old age, but poetic, youthful ones--those impressions of one's most distant past in which dreams and realities blend--and they laughed with quiet enjoyment. As he approached Smolensk he heard the sounds of distant firing, but these did not impress him.

The conflict of magnanimity between the mother and the daughter, ending in the mother's sacrificing herself and offering her daughter in marriage to her lover, even now agitated the captain, though it was the memory of a distant past. A'Ran's behavior was just as distant , but there was something bordering on resentment in the way Ne'Rin looked at her that made her uncomfortable. The distant roar of water pouring into the canyon caught her attention.

She looked to Evelyn only to find the group had already moved away toward the distant dwelling. The group was silent and tense, the warriors flanking Evelyn eyeing Kiera as much as the distant flashes of light. This is starkly different than if violence breaks out in a distant , unreal place where the only flow of information is from official sources. For the rest of the long afternoon, perhaps, my meditations are interrupted only by the faint rattle of a carriage or team along the distant highway.

At evening, the distant lowing of some cow in the horizon beyond the woods sounded sweet and melodious, and at first I would mistake it for the voices of certain minstrels by whom I was sometimes serenaded, who might be straying over hill and dale; but soon I was not unpleasantly disappointed when it was prolonged into the cheap and natural music of the cow.

There was nothing terrible in the one small, distant fire in the immense city. It was getting lighter and lighter, but the mist still hid distant objects. There is a garden terrace where guests can dine on summer days, and a fireplace where visitors can gather to watch the snow fall in the distant mountains.

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I can't help feeling bad for him, Darian said, his gaze growing dark and distant. He didn't know why the death dealer was distant this visit, and he didn't care. Sunday morning broke with a surge of nervous excitement as 2, cyclists oozed out of Cortez, Colorado, bound for their first day's destination 46 miles distant. Midmorning light filtered into the circular chamber, the sounds of fighting distant.

Between this and the "elliptical" kraal are the "Valley Ruins," consisting of smaller buildings which may have been the dwellings of those traders who bartered the gold brought in from distant mines. On land their general Myronides beat off two Corinthian attacks on Megara, which had been further secured by long walls drawn between the capital and its port Nisaea, nearly a mile distant. The Panislamic propaganda was encouraged; the privileges of foreigners in the Ottoman Empire - of ten an obstacle to government - were curtailed; the new railway to the Holy Places was pressed on, and emissaries were sent to distant countries preaching Islam and the caliph's supremacy.

The journey between Algiers and Paris, from which it is distant miles, is accomplished in about forty-five hours. According to Herodotus the Phocaeans were the first of all the Greeks to undertake distant voyages, and made known the coasts of the Adriatic, Tyrrhenia and Spain. The clans were finally either conquered, overawed or conciliated by Akbar - all except the distant Sisodhyia clan, which, however, submitted to Jehangir in When only one battery is used the current at the distant end may be considerably affected by the leakage to earth along the line.

The result is that the armature of the relay is attracted, and currents are sent through the sounder from the local battery, producing the signals from the distant station. At regular intervals a rotating arm on the distributor connects the five keys of each keyboard to line, thus passing the signals to the distant station, where they pass through the distributor and certain relays which repeat the currents corresponding to the depressed keys and actuate electromagnets in the receivers. These currents are furnished by an alternator which transmits sine currents over the line and operates a motor at the distant end of the line, both machines running in synchronism.

He found, as others have dune, that if a battery, dynamo or induction coil has its terminals connected to the earth at two distant places, a system of electric currents flows between these points through the crust of the earth. A similar installation of inductive telephony, in which telephone currents in one line were made to create others in a nearly parallel and distant line, was established in between Rathlin Island on the north coast of Ireland and the mainland. It may be explained as follows: - Suppose a battery on shore to have one pole earthed and the other connected to an insulated submarine cable, the distant end of which was also earthed; if now a galvanometer is inserted anywhere in the cable, a current will be found flowing through the cable and returning by various paths through the sea.

Also he showed that if such an antenna had its horizontal part swivelled round into various directions the current created in a distant receiver antenna varied with the azimuth, and when plotted out in the form of a polar curve gave a curve of a peculiar figure-of-8 shape.

If there be a line free, or when the turn of the call is reached, particulars of the connexion wanted are passed to the distant end, and the trunk operators request the local exchanges to connect the subscribers by means of junction I F..? In this part the Apennines are separated from the sea, distant about 30 m.

Of these Ischia and Procida, close to the northern headland of the Bay of Naples, are of volcanic origin, as is the case also with the more distant group of the Ponza Islands.


Odoacer inaugurated that long series of foreign rulersGreeks, Franks, Germans, Spaniards and Austrians who have successively contributed to the misgovernment of Italy from distant seats of empire. A network of party policy embraces and dominates the burghs of Italy, bringing the most distant centres into relation, and by the very division of the country augmenting the sense of nationality.

Most of the birds also are derived from the distant Indian region, while the IndoBurmese and Indo-Malayan regions are represented to a far less degree. In Asia they held Asia Minor and Syria, had sent expeditions into Arabia, and were acquainted with the more distant countries formerly invaded by Alexander, including Persia, Scythia, Bactria and India. From the 9th to the 13th century intelligent Arab travellers wrote accounts of what they had seen and heard in distant lands. The European country which had come the most completely under the influence of Arab culture now began to send forth explorers Spanish to distant lands, though the impulse came not from the Moors but from Italian merchant navigators in Spanish explora- service.

In Jan Hugen van Linschoten made a voyage to India with a Portuguese fleet, and his full and graphic descriptions of India, Africa, China and the Malay Archipelago must have been of no small use to his countrymen in their distant voyages. A well-developed river system has in fact many equally important and widely-separated sources, the most distant from the mouth, the highest, river or even that of largest initial volume not being necessarily of greater geographical interest than the rest. The study of the evolution of faunas and the comparison of the faunas of distant regions have furnished a trustworthy instrument of pre-historic geographical research, which enables earlier geographical relations of land and sea to be traced out, and the approximate period, or at least the chronological order of the larger changes, to be estimated.

Sir David Brewster modified his apparatus by moving the object-box and closing the end of the tube by a lens of short focus which forms images of distant objects at the distance of distinct vision. Others had done a kindred work in a more distant field as helpers of the Eastern emperors against the Turks of Asia. The Russian plains have been, however, the scene of so many migrations of successive races, that at many places a series of deposits belonging to widely distant epochs are found one upon another.

Instead of conforming to abstract principles of public law and hereditary succession, they strove to enlarge their territories at the expense of their rivals, and to leave them at their death to their sons rather than to their brothers, nephews and more distant relations.

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In order to reply to accusations brought against them, or in order to be confirmed in their functions, they had to travel to the Golden Horde on the Volga or even to the camp of the grand khan in some distant part of Siberia, and the journey was considered so perilous that many of them, before setting out, made their last will and testament and wrote a parental admonition for the guidance of their children.

Wholesale arrests were made by the police, and many of the accused were imprisoned or exiled to distant provinces, some by the regular tribunals, and others by so-called " administrative procedure " without a formal trial. An endeavour is made so to plan the works of a railway that the quantity of earth excavated in cuttings shall be equal to the quantity required for the embankments; but this is not always practicable, and it is sometimes advantageous to obtain the earth from some source close to the embankment rather than incur the expense of hauling it from a distant cutting.

The passenger station abuts on the main line, or, at termini, forms the natural terminus, at a place as near as can conveniently be obtained to the centre of the population which constitutes the passenger traffic; and preferably its platforms should be at or near the ground level, for convenience of access. Yahweh ceased to be exclusively regarded as god of the atmosphere, worshipped in a distant mountain, Horeb-Sinai, situated in the south country negebh ,and moving in the clouds of heaven before the Israelites in the desert, but he came to be associated with Israel's life in Canaan. William Gilpin calls the cypress an architectural tree: "No Italian scene," says he, "is perfect without its tall spiral form, appearing as if it were but a part of the picturesquely disposed edifices which rise from the middle ground against the distant landscape.

He served on distant stations and and at the Naval Academy, and became lieutenant-commander in and commander in Bibilical history ends with the triumph of the Judaean community, the true " Israel," the right to which title is found in the distant past. They have exercised an influence over distant neighbours, especially in Fiji, quite out of proportion to their numbers.

Its north-eastern extremity, Cape Sidero, is distant about 1 z o m. Mafeking was originally the headquarters of the Barolong tribe of Bechuana and is still their largest station, the native location pop. Though Europeans may be indebted to China for some mechanical inventions, she was too distant to produce much direct effect, and the influence of India has been mainly directed towards the East. The embassy threw out a hint, - their lord was dead and David himself had been anointed king over Judah; but the relation between Jabesh-Gilead and Saul had been a close one, and it was not to be expected that its eyes would be turned upon the king of Judah when Saul's son was installed at the not distant Mahanaim.

It owed its fertility to the Nile, which, inundating the land near its banks, was distributed by means of canals over more distant portions of its valley. The leading features of Tull's husbandry are his practice of laying the land into narrow ridges of 5 or 6 ft.

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The manor was indeed self-sufficient and independent in the sense that it could furnish everything required by the majority of the inhabitants, and that over the greater part of rural England production was not carried on with a view to a distant market. By comparing England with other countries we may be able in the distant future to reach conclusions of some generality as to the laws of growth, maturity and decay of industrial nations. Shell with prominent spire; distant from right tentacle, generally appendiculated; brackish water or fluviatile. Genital duct always triaulic, and male and female apertures distant from each other.

Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)
Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1) Monsters (Distant Spires Book 1)

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