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Book tickets. Director and Choreographer: Kate Prince. Music and Lyrics: Sting. Grass sprouts up in patches around the area and bushes grow wild with clean white roses covering them nearby, he sees the marble fountain at the center of the garden square. He rounds the square, eyeing each new plant and small bird overhead. The sparrows are stark white dots up above and Daven starts to tense again, his muscles bunching up and nerves coiling, the adrenaline builds in his veins.

Prince Peacock a famous drag queen in the bird-y kingdom

He sees on giant oak tree at the corner of the square, enormous and untamed. The branches are heavy with leaves and he can see some of the roots forcing their way up in the cracking marble around it. He crouches lower to the ground and starts to inch forward, the Hunter said this is where he first found the creature. It takes him a minute, but he pauses mid-stride when he sees it, an eye, a bright green eye with a plume surrounding it.

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Daven hears a gentle thump and sees something drop down to the ground next to the tree, landing tipsily and dusting itself off before standing up straight. Daven takes a long moment to pause, his body going stiff and thoughts bursting. It had a face for one thing.

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  • The figure was still standing there, he had on a fine blue vest and pair of brown pants that seemed tailored and fitted. He had a white pressed shirt tied all the way up past his throat and a line of brass buttons down his front. He was noticeably barefoot with sun-kissed skin and fair hair that curled gently on top of his head.

    It was also noticeably well-maintained. Mostly it was the arch of feathers bursting from his skin and hanging over his head like a halo.

    Green, long, feathers that stuck directly out of his skin and made an arch over him, tiny ones framed his hairline and brought out the poison green of his eyes. The boy raises both eyebrows and tilts his head to the side, his eyes glance pointedly up at his own feathers and then back at him.

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    The boy wrinkles his brow and looks ready to turn away, Daven notes the long trail of feathers behind him that dragged against the ground. Daven looks off the side and takes a step toward him, the boy watches him carefully, eyes following him with a quick hardness to them. And less dead then most people that come in this way. Or giving my things away really.

    Make yourself at home, the guest room is the second door on the left. He goes along with the prank, and finds himself unexpectedly intrigued by the larger-than-life Dagon. Dagon is a worldly man, more amused--and aroused--than scandalized by discovering a boy in a bodice pretending to be his betrothed. When the deception is revealed, though, Cel is nowhere to be found: she's fled the royal isle, leaving her brother a scapegoat in her skirts.

    The Peacock Prince The Peacock Prince
    The Peacock Prince The Peacock Prince
    The Peacock Prince The Peacock Prince
    The Peacock Prince The Peacock Prince
    The Peacock Prince The Peacock Prince
    The Peacock Prince The Peacock Prince

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