What Has Life Come To

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Organisms may have first developed around hydrothermal vents , which lie at the bottom of oceans and spew hot chemicals. Many icy bodies in our solar system have rocky cores, so they may have had or still have hydrothermal vents.

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Early in the history of the solar system was a period known as Late Heavy Bombardment , a turbulent time when cataclysmic asteroid impacts were common. If there was life on Earth before this dangerous era, it was most likely eradicated and had to begin again after much of this cosmic debris had cleared out of the inner solar system.

Interestingly, evidence indicates that Ceres avoided being pummelled by devastating impacts during this time.

If it had been bombarded, it would have completely and forever lost its water mantle, as its gravitational force is too weak to recapture it. This is probably what happened to the asteroid Vesta, which has a very large impact crater and no water.

The UK’s River Thames has come back to life – with a seal population to prove it

This leads to an interesting hypothesis. If the Earth was sterilized by colossal impacts, but Ceres hosted life which survived, could the dwarf planet have reseeded our world with life, via rock fragments that chipped off Ceres and then crashed into Earth? Are all organisms on Earth, including humans, descendants of Ceres?

This is an idea that Houtkooper had to pursue. Smaller objects like Ceres have lower escape velocities, making it easier for parts of it to be separated. Houtkooper then calculated the orbital paths of candidate planets, moons and asteroids to see which were in the best positions to have pieces successfully reach the Earth, without being intercepted by other objects. Ceres fared favourably in these calculations.

Finally, Houtkooper considered the possibility of organisms still being present on Ceres. But there are some possibilities. There could be hydrogen peroxide-based life , able to withstand the low temperatures.

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The thought of Earth being seeded with life from Ceres and creatures existing there today is certainly fascinating, but Houtkooper admits that it is more science fiction than science fact until evidence can be provided. This is naturally difficult to obtain, as Ceres is a small and distant world.

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Arab women are often thoroughly judged based on a deeply patriarchal microscope. People scrutinize every aspect of our lives, from what we wear, to where we go and who we spend time with, and they have the audacity to spread any remotely significant observation left, right and center. Naturally, this makes it increasingly difficult to "go wild" without thinking about the social repercussions and sometimes forces us to either tone down our lifestyles or go above and beyond to live in crippling discretion. T hanks to the women who have dared to challenge the status quo, we are slowly getting there.

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What Has Life Come To
What Has Life Come To
What Has Life Come To
What Has Life Come To
What Has Life Come To

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